Forensic analysis

Our Forensic Engineering Group has long-standing expertise in providing advice and analysis for failure investigations, causes of damage and deterioration, patent disputes and assorted criminal cases where engineering expertise is required.

Forensic engineering is a synthesis of academic subject knowledge and practical engineering experience and experimental techniques – undertaken within a legal framework. In addition to the expertise within the group, we are able to refer queries to our wide network of expert collaborators in cases where we do not have the required knowledge base. We offer: 

  • A complete service, from initial telephone consultations with no obligation, through to preparation of engineering reports, submitting advisory opinion to assist the resolution of disputes affecting life or property, and providing testimony at hearings and trials in administrative or judicial proceedings
  • Advice on insurance claims where materials analysis is of benefit. We have considerable experience in this area through consultancy instruction received from a range of manufacturers, institutions, insurance companies, loss adjusters and solicitors